Covid 19 – Coronavirus

The most at risk population are the elderly and people with existing health issues. This is an outline for our approach of containment of the Covid 19 – Corona Virus. This will include a combination of interventions.

Firstly, We will be careful with our admissions, screening them for any respiratory issues. We will treat as many issues here in our facility as we safely can to limit our residents’ exposure to the hospital setting at this time.

If you are an employee with a fever, please stay home. Staffing and HR will work to cover shifts, while in this crises. Should we have an occurrence of a confirmed case of Covid 19, then we will notify the health agencies. If a patient presents with respiratory symptoms, then we will isolate the patient, and keep the door closed. If more than one resident presents with respiratory symptoms, then we will cohort the residents, while attempting to all respiratory symptoms to one area of the building. We may need to limit dining rooms and activities if an outbreak occurs. We will limit staff caring for these residents. Maintenance, Dietary, Social Services, Therapies, Et cetera (etc.) may need to limit their exposure to these residents, or they may be excluded for a time. If we have confirmed cases, then we will attempt hospitalization if they are excepting patients.

Personal Protective equipment may become limited in the near future. We ask that PPE be used only when needed. Yes, we will need to use it, but we also need to conserve it. This is a droplet precaution. Source control is the best approach. If a resident is sneezing and coughing openly, they should have a mask. The CDC estimates six (6) sets of PPE for a patient without fever and a really sick patient can use up to 20 sets of PPE, per day. Prioritize the use of PPE.

Housekeeping will be extra careful with keeping surfaces clean – Faucets, Door Knobs, Handrails, over the Bed Tables, Bed Rails, Floors, Arms of Chairs, etc. The current cleaning solutions in use are effective against this virus. Also, housekeeping will be monitoring that soap, towels and hand sanitizer dispensers are kept full. Wash and sanitize your hands frequently, for 20 seconds! Standard precautions with isolation precautions and hand washing, are effective.

Covid 19 is a fluid situation. It can change at any time. You will see a case, another case, then a cluster of cases, and another cluster of cases, then an outbreak. We don’t know where or when this will be, or how badly we will be effected, so remember that hand washing saves lives.

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