Success Story: Mr. E.

Mr. E. came to our facility unable to eat, verbalize needs or stand unassisted. After 80 days, he can eat pizza with his wife, walk with a walker with minimal assistance and able to perform most self-care tasks with stand by assistance! Richard (Dick) E. did not remember driving to the hospital having chest pains. He does not remember his arrival to this facility. However, he does remember his therapist name, his wife’s (who is a resident here too) favorite drink and continues to inspire us all. He keeps his son updated on his ipad through facetime and continues to push himself to do more (stairs, walking outside and treadmill recently). The possibilities are endless with him, because he not only wants to get better but encourages his wife daily to get better also!

His score from 0-10 for all levels of function was: 0.89 when he first arrived here. Now it is 8.42!! Maybe higher in a couple of weeks!

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